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Kt Ferris’ New York City based label, This Shit Blinks, flawlessly merges the elegance of handcrafted ancient symbolism with a mesmerizing liquid futurist aesthetic. Each piece of jewelry is a wearable work of art, meticulously hand sculpted to captivate and inspire.

Drawing inspiration from centuries-old symbols and motifs, she infuses these ancient elements and techniques with a visionary twist, creating a unique and enchanting fusion of past and future. Each piece is hand-crafted by Kt, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed to perfection. 

Kt Ferris embraces the mystical allure of ancient cultures, harnessing the power of symbolic representation to convey deeper meanings as a way of connecting wearers to ancient wisdom and cutting-edge aesthetics. 

However, she doesn't stop at the past. The brand pushes boundaries and embraces the future drawing inspiration from the sleek and fluid lines of modern technology, Ferris infuses her jewelry with a sense of movement, reflecting the ever-changing nature of our rapidly evolving world. The result is a seamless blend of organic curves and sharp edges, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation. Kt Ferris’ jewelry elevates personal style, allowing individuals to express their unique identity.