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SELECTED Vibrations IV
SELECTED Vibrations IV
SELECTED Vibrations IV
SELECTED Vibrations IV
SELECTED Vibrations IV

Vibrations IV



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Vibrations Collection by KT Ferris


Everything vibrates on a specific level.

Some vibrations we create and some are received by us from the ether.  

This new collection is a mixture of vibrations received and given. 

Each piece is a vibration KT Ferris has processed  and then manifested 

with her own hands. Every design is meticulously carved in wax

and birthed into metal. Her works have always been perceived as amulets 

of protection. This new collection is reminiscent of decorative armor of

ages past and future neither classical or futuristic but intrinsically both.  

All the blinking eyes have a new shield protecting the wearer and the amulet.  

The formations are also similar to seismic readings of earthquake vibrations from the earth. They are shifts in its core ushering change and growth to its surface in the same way creating jewelry is for KT Ferris.  

This choker is a gerthy one! It comes with plenty of room to extend the length of the chain to fit as needed.