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This one of a kind necklace is very special. There is nothing like it!

Hand crafted from A-Z by the designer Kt Ferris herself. 

This is how its made:

Kt meticulously hand carved this piece using Ferris jewelers wax. Each and every detail is specifically placed to create this one of a kind necklace. Kt only uses about 5 different hand tools. 3 different wax files to carefully shave away the wax little by little, and exacto blade, and a heat lamp to fuse everything together. Once the wax sculpture is complete it is cast using the lost wax method. This process turns the sculpt from fragile wax to sterling silver. Once it is sterling silver she is ready to start her 8 step process carefully finishing the metal to give it a shinny finish. once the necklace is shinny, using vintage blinking doll eyes, yes she actually cuts the eyes out of vintage dolls, she sets the eyes in place! This entire process, start to finish is a very "old school" way of making jewelry. There are no computers or digital printing involved in any of Kt's work and she's darn proud of it! Kt puts her love for the art and positive energy into each and every piece just for you!


Sterling silver 

Vintage blinking doll eyes